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The IoT growth and new network capabilities are driving new demands, and challenges begin to arise in both urban and rural areas. Cities and territories are demanding a shift from a limited scope to an integrated strategy. How do you envision your ideal world? Let’s be smart and leverage digital for urban territories!

Pick-up one or more, among the 4 themes covered by the Smart Urban Territories umbrella, and share your dream of creating a better future from March 13th to May 5th:

  1. Smart Cities: if you plan totake on the challenge of enhancing citizen and user experience in interacting with city infrastructure, increasing energy efficiency, interacting through flexible energy applications, while making these areas more profitable in a changing economy, more sustainable and ecological;
  2. Energy: by enlightening energy use for people and businesses through smart technologies for accurate monitoring and flexible allocation of energy, automation and intelligent control of energy use and informed choice
  3. Health & Lifestyle: if helping people to take full advantage of current technologies to increase self-knowledge, hack their daily routines and take control over their lifestyles is what drives you. Possible sub-topics range from lifestyle-focused wearable devices to smart-home applications aimed at optimizing energy efficiency or transforming household appliances;
  4. Retail: if you plan to create solutions that revolutionize retail.

Across all tracks, we encourage you do dream big: designing user centered devices or services, including health and activity monitoring devices, smart beacons, weather and pollution sensors, educational development boards, or smart home appliances, imagining machine-to-machine enhancements seeking to create a sensor and communication infrastructure to offer powerful data-driven insights based on smart devices or machine-to-machine solutions for niche markets in retails, medicine, energy and other high potential markets.