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Thank you again for your participation! Smart City Winners are announced below:

Audience Award:

The community has spoken, and elected three applications as winners! Let's find out right away:

Jury Prize:

A jury of experts from Orange Business Services (Smart City team), Orange Poland (Labs & Business Unit), Orange International Labs (Seeds Program) and Orange Romania (Marketing and Innovation team) met to elect the most relevant and interesting projects in terms of creativity, business potential, match with Orange, and social & environmental impact. Here are the three winners!

  • Sport to regulate smart cities, an idea of ​​Vivien, England. The jury comment: "A very interesting idea, because based on several recent trends: connected objects as smartwatches and activity trackers, fight against pollution, gamification, and health in the city. But a slick customer exprience will be key. Kappo is a great example of successfull UX" Congratulations to him!
  • Help blind guide is in subway stations thanks to beacons, an idea coming from Poland, for platos2! "It could complement discussion with ONG and Orange Romania, where beacons in the bus stations is also investigated. It could give birth to a unified app to be pushed to the public sector, with a broader challenge, and where an operator like Orange could help a lot" according to the Group's experts.
  • FindThat is an application that allows you to retrieve any object you saw. If you like it, say thank you to the Romanian team! "Findthat has strong forerunners with Amazon Firefly which provides a similar image recognition, Smartsy from France, or Scandid from India, which gives you the best price based on barcode scanning. One question is unclear about the following use case: why would a consumer take a picture of an item when he's in the shop and can buy it?  Nevertheless, Findthat seems an interesting shopping experience to the eyes of Orange Poland and Orange Romania It presents match opportunities with Romania strategy towards retailers, and could be pushed through Orange portal app"


See you soon for a new campaign, starting April 30!

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