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Food for thoughts on Smart City

Smart cities unfold various approaches and opportunities. Multiple paths can be followed as show these notes from conferences on smart city:

Smart city or collaborative city?

  • Shall we aim at smarter cities or smarter citizens? We should increase citizen awareness with familiar language; the use of digital polls enables sharing on a daily basis with citizen;
  • Smart city is a co-construction project involving its inhabitants, driven by usage;
  • Now we talk about collaborative cities. This is the area we need to work on. Now we talk more about city and people, and people empowerment in particular;
  • Ordinary city-dwellers can use networked informatics beneficially, to support collective intelligence in smart city
  • ICT can enable people-based infrastructures, provide better wealth, and monitor social mood and wellness.

Tech city or frugal city?

  • Smart city or ingenious and slick city? Medellin shows that low tech can turn a city smart, with frugal incremental innovation;
  • Smart city is a city where digital is involved in every function, and sensors cover and connect all networks (energy, water, transportation, lighting, ...);
  • Let's start by focusing on simple meaningful evolutions to make a better city life, leveraging collective intelligence;
  • Unglamorous tech underwriting citizen participation in smart city result in better outcomes than high-tech chimeras
  • Smart city and sustainability : let's burn more brain to consume less natural resources;
  • Happy citizen with minimum resources: this is my definition of Smart city.

Smart city' data

  • We should move from transport-thinking to mobility of people, goods, and information;
  • Data is an infrastructure in the smart city, think of self-driving cars!
  • From silos to interconnection, new players are rising in smart cities and its data: data browsers, data broker, trusted 1/3 parties;

A hoslistic view

  • With Smart city and e-Health, there is the idea of improving life with the Internet of Things;
  • Can smart city unearth solutions for daily nuisances? Noise, cleaniness, rude relationship?
  • Smart city is about crossing domains to let unrivaled solutils soar: real estate, mobility and transport time management, smart grid,...

Innovative services' examples for urban life and mobility

  • How much time from point A to point B: Singapore has developed the corresponding dynamic map;
  • A parking place in Paris, for now or for rental: have you tried @YesPark_Paris ?
  • Review of smart parkings and smart solutions for cars;
  • SmartWalk (by @transitscreen) displays real time transit information on any sidewalk or wall;
  • Transportation, parkings, touristical information, social tips: a comprehensive smart city platform for mobile, tablet, and PC access, at the city of Perpignan Méditerranée;
  • A mobile app for personal and contextual assistance at the city of Bordeaux, based on open data;
  • 3cixty lets you see the city with your eyes;
  • We Feel Fine: make you feel the mood of the city through Tweets analysis;
  • GuidemeRight let you find a local friend that will guide you into the city lifestyle you like;
  • Earn points for each 'green' action: this is how it works at Fujisawa, Songdo, and Masdar;
  • Instant System let cities set-up a multimodal app including trains, tramways, buses, subways, and car pooling to help their citizen navigate in the city.

And you, what are your ideas for smart city?