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A lot of ideas from Israel ! ;)

API and open data are essential for the development of smart cities.

What kind of info would you collect ? (Quality of air, temperature, electricity billings...)
From which sensors ?


Thanks for the comment, unfortunately, I was referred for this exiting platform only today, so these are just few ideas which I've managed to contribute.

As for information I would collect:
- Air quality (pollution levels)
- Temperature
- Humidity
- People density (crowd level and available space)
- Water quality

I'm proposing to use the city's already installed sensors, along with sensors the city will install in the future. In addition, some of these sensors can be provided by the external users, for example, some smartphones may be capable to collect temperature information and to use their embedded camera to capture the density of people in a certain location.



You can also discover these ideas and talk to their creators !


Thanks for the references.
My idea goes beyond the scope of simple sharing of smart-city existing sensors information and take it to the next level by providing a tool for app vendors to use this information for improving their app results based upon this real time information.
The example in the idea is for car navigation app that use the air pollution information for car balancing algorithm to reduce the future air pollution levels.
Another examples may be for walking navigation apps that use air pollution level to choose cleaner route for their users, or even to select path with less heat or humidity for people who are sensitive for these conditions.

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