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Highlight is still on the App store, last update in January:


I'm disgusted about your attitude guys. Until seeing what you did I thought of this competition as being a fare one. Yesterday you had around 270 supporters, while now you have 650, the last 350 having strange names. This takes me to the hypothesis that you generated supporters. This is clearly cheating and I guess that Orange's goal of Smart City program was seeing the impact of ideas on the community, not generating them using facebook.

@Orange I guess that you need to check this situation. Thanks!


George, we had used our internal connections at first, which come to an end around the number of 300. Our team is mixed and by that, we're saying that we have team members from all around the world. Each one of us in a member in other international startups and that's where all the votes come from.

Unfortunately for all of us, the number of votes is not significant when it comes to a startup. Here, at Pengin, we're working to make this happen, by innovating the way that people with the same passions meet. For us, this number represents that our idea is the most popular at the moment, nothing more.

In total, we have around 10.000 Facebook friends, 17.000 Twitter followers and 20.000 LinkedIn contacts and yet, the actual number of 650 votes is still small, compared to our connections.

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