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The objective is to know who's at home, and communicate with them? It reminds me of latest Netatmo camer using face recognition to tell you whose children are at home: Netatmo Welcom
What is the cost of a femtocell station for Home?
You can also connect doors to detect who's coming back home:
Connected Doors
Digital Id


Yes - head of family assigns to femtocell device MSISDN numbers.
Entering/exiting MSISDN into femtocell range triggers messages.
We connected also the wireless smart home controller (Z-Wave) with femtocell.
So lights, music, air condition are manage by appearing of MSISDN.
It's our project for Orange BIHAPI 2014.
In Poland costs are: about 5 Euro per months, and installation fee about 45 Euro.
It gives only extra mobile signal/coverage of MNO.


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