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Internetowa i mobilna aplikacja kartogrficzna, która pomoże zaplanować spotkanie i powiadomi zaintersowanych uczestników

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A meetup.com for neighbours, here is a simple solution to resolve problems about common areas, and to build socials bonds !

This type of meetup could also be used for public concertation about political decisions, as we spoke Imagine Ma Ville

But what are the pros and cons of using a phone number instead of an ID ?


Thanks. The solution is to have a software tool which can authenticate participants by their telephone number. Once a participant enters his telephone a SMS message or an automated voice call can be sent giving the participant their confirmation code for validation.
1) Participants don't need to remember their username and password.
2) They do not have to give personal information since the secure software tool can validate them.
3) City can verify if the eligible participant lives in the locality where the meetings are organized.


Every city should actually have a simple social network for citizen to share ideas, meet, and comment / vote on public policies. No big tech, but a simple social place you could acces from any device, and post your idea.
Smart city social tools


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