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Thanks, great project ! Is it one that you participate/support in ?

Go check this article about combination of drones and cars : http://imagine.orange.com/fr/smart-car-1/article/show/314


I am pro this type of projects, i am not part of any of them, yet.
I find the drones really cool, cause they can help us discover what lies behind the forest we are passing by, can help us find a place to spend the night , when driving for a long way.
If we are to think about the fact that most people can vacation ones a year, the ones who will drive or have a self driving car, will be able to maximize they're vacation time with the drones help, through making stops or detours in the best places on the route, based on their own choices and not related to what other people recomend
Thank you for the link, the only thing i would do different from Renault, would be to equip the car with at least 2 drones - one specificaly for the person in the drivers place, the second for the entire family.
The drivers drone - would have specific commands, no sightseeing, but making the roadtrip easier.


Probably an idea that will turn into reality! Drone could as well be used for delivery in your car as intended by Rinspeed:


If I understand well, your drone are equipped with camera, and the video can be seen by the family in the car on a tablet or smartphone?


Yes, at least the 2nd drone and the 3rd drone are equiped with cameras.
The driver's drone may or may not be equiped with camera.
The - camera non equiped version - sends back data received from beacons(set in gas stations, charging stations, traffic signs ), data from traffic based on vehicle board computer, hitch-hiker data based on smartphone data (for how long the smartphone did not move, from one place).

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