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Hey aamir, great idea !

Did you know about the Nokia City Lens ?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55Qdem9pJxY
We can totally imagine that in our cars, integrated with the Nokia Here technology for driverless cars ...


TY Aamir, there are several ideas taking advantage of the location, it will really a nice change when we'll get the info about our surroundings while traveling:
There is a railway app which gives cultural information according to your journey:
Does it match with what you had in mind?


Pushing the idea a little bit further... How about autonomous-driving shopping ?
Say I've checked for some goods (pair of shoes, bag, and so on...) a couple of days ago on the internet. Now I have the opportunity to go downtown for a shopping round trip. The selfdrivecar would pick me up at home and drop me in front of the nearest shop with the best available offer. My mobile app is retargetting offers and would suggest places to go shopping on the way and arrange a tour for me in real time. When done buying this pair of shoes, a selfdrive car gets noticed and heads fullsteam towards the shop I'm about to leave. I hop on it and it drops me to the next shopping location. So I don't have to worry with driving and parking anymore ! and I can stare at the Augmented Reality Windows of the car which may suggest alternate options on the go...
How about that?

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