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Hi michalmaluchnik, are you talking about this invention (EPAR project) ?

The racecar industry innovates a lot in these domains, but they prefer to use fluids (lighter than gears) ! The original idea is Malcolm C. Smith's inerter, and you can find some applications like the Fluid Inerter by Lotus Renault GP :

I personnally think that's why Lagiewka's invention (13 years ago !) wasn't used until today :)


Exactly, this is the idea (EPAR project) I mentioned in the post.

As far as I know, Łągiewka is struggling in the court with some companies and he is trying to prove his priority to the invention.


TY for sharing, are you focusing on a bumper to protect impacts in real life or from cyber attacks?
One slick innovation I have in mind was to position bumper better on the car so that you avoid scratch impacts when you park :)


What about smart bumper with sensors?


Yes. Firstly, I want to sit in the indestructible vehicle and then I want as many as possible cool, innovative technologies to be implemented in my smart-car.


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