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Your route is a little miscalculated.
The route from A to C costs xyz money
The route fron A to C plus deviation to B costs xyz + w money - all in all the deviation to B wil not be covered.

Another point, this idea is not covering, is the time.
One can walk, as you said before and as it happens in these days.
One takes the Uber Transit as may be in a hurry, detouring to the B point, may get the person late, to an important meeting. For this you can add a no detour/no stopping button, where it all goes to the destination.


Hi Raffi welcome back! There are several ideas covering driveless-car pooling (http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-car/idea/show/1140 -
http://imagine.orange.com/fr/smart-car-1/idea/show/1062 -
http://imagine.orange.com/fr/smart-car-1/idea/show/1098 -
and there is an experiment in the UK with flexible routes according to passengers wishes, but the fare is not dynamic yet (like in yield management!): at Greenwich UK, self-driving shuttles will link residents to transport hubs. Upon entering the shuttles, each passenger chooses from the pre-determined destinations on the touch screen, and then the computer determines and readjusts the route as riders hop on and off. http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-car/article/show/239


Disons qu'il ya des débuts d'expérimentations qui vont dans le sens de votre idée ! Mais aucune encore avec ajustement du prix du trajet selon le partage effectif du véhicule :)


There is also Padam, on-demand night transporation, which is a first example of shuttle-sharing: http://padambus.com/?gclid=CjwKEAjw-vewBRDH1-b52Lig1hkSJACTPfVFWsrYUbWb3Td5ZgnXreVOzkWrmRtT22xFdWKjK0xB4RoCvH3w_wcB


Dans le même genre, partage de véhicule sans chauffeur la nuit : http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-car/idea/show/1143 et https://www.sharethebus.com/

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