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it's a simple and very usefull idea. I like point 4 most
specially for family members and friend circle who shares one car. most of the time I am facing same problem when i came office along with car key by mistake.. :(


Yes, using smartphone to let Car owner make multiple car key for his/her family member is slick!


Inblue by Valeo lets you share your car key via smartphone: http://www.journaldunet.com/economie/automobile/1164174-futurs-equipements-voiture/1164207-cle-virtuelle


Thanks a lot ... for the information.
I have checked "In Blue, the virtual key shareable with wish" and found something that.
1. Car owner is fully dependent on smart phone.
2. User won't be able to unlock car if he/she lost his smart phone or smart phone got out of battery.
3. Smart phone and car both have to connected to the internet (difficult in case of multilevel basement parking or out of coverage area).
4. Difficult to unlock car if user forgot his phone in the car.
and so on...
I hope there are alternate options are also there.
once again thanks a lot for the knowledge sharing it matters a lot for me and looking forward for more information regarding the same.


Thans for sharing !
for more information about the Keylink Lite: http://www.nxp.com/news/press-releases/2011/06/nxp-unlocks-the-potential-of-multifunction-car-keys.html

This idea was launched in 2011, do you know how did they progress until today ?

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