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Hey thanks for sharing !

Maybe your idea could be linked with the mobile wallet for driverless cars ? http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-car/idea/show/1159
With those two ideas, the roadtrip experience could really be enhanced !!


Thanks for your suggest, indeed, using a mobile wallet can be a great upgrade to the idea. Other options such as Paypal and credit card as also valid payment methods.


Hello, a great way to enjoy your drive! To understand well, would it be a food service integrated with the car pooling service, your order a car and the food comes along with it? Or is it more like including stops during the trip, and you get the meal at these stops?
Maybe also adding meal machine in the car might help?


The idea is more than that. Even if I own an autonomous car or rented it and suddenly I need something to be delivered (i.e. forget to eat breakfast, need a drink [hey, I'm not driving...], or need a shaving knife before an important meeting) I can order it and it will meet me in the way.


Amazing! This a complete new way of ordering and delivering things, something like 'retail on the drive'!

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