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System informacji o wypadku drogowym.

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Emergency call, Roadside assistance, Collision detection are a very relevant field to leverage connectivity, and improve things.
The more they know, the more efficient will be the assistance! Besides GPS location, what other information could be automatically transmitted?


Note that the most demanding thing is to distinguish between small accident or serious collision, it could be done by sending status of air bags, if they are blown up, it may mean serious accident. Other thing is consciousness of a diver or passengers, that is why an officer may try to establish voice communication with a car. If voice communication can't be established it may mean passenger are unconscious. Also, if several notifications are sent from near area it may mean bigger collision.


In addition to automatic reporting, one could imagine an automatic call to the manager in charge of road accidents to assess the gravity of the situation?


I think this idea has a name : e-call for "emegency call". It's been in the air for over 15 years now with EC commission I believe and they keep saying "great idea, lets' do it within 2-3 years".
The estimate death toll : 5.000 / year / Europe alone. These people who actually die on the roadsides - not to mention the injured persons - could be rescued and possibly saved if only someone was quickly informed an accident has occured, when it happened, where it's located, how many are involved and how serious they are injured. How about an app that would kick some b...s up there ? I believe some industries are lobbying. However some OEMs, Peugeot and BMW have developped a privately operated service. Congrats to them. How about the others ?


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