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Samochód napędzany ogniwem wodorowym jako magazyn energii/rodzinna mobilna elektrownia

dla tego pomysłu dostępnych jest więcej szczegółów poznaj szczegóły pomysłu

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Yes - they do require building new network of supply stations but as with electrical cars adoption may be an evolution not revolution. For example once additonal kind of fuel become popular in Poland (LPG - liquid petroleum gas) many people and companies decided to upgrade their standard gas stations or build new ones selling only LPG fuel. Now buing LPG in Poland is as easy as buing standard gasoline fuel.


Solar panel to feed the battery car is explored here http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-car/idea/show/1071
Using hydrogen instead of gasolin is a smart path for sustainability, many automakers have gone done this path, do you know why these vehicles have not become more and more prevalent?
Regarding the use as power station, it seems very convenient: would you have enough power left to start the engine, and go back home, at the end of the week-end?


Regarding question about capacity of such hydrogen powered cars: It should be possible as I assume that in future there will be a wide variety of possile power and heating sources for the house connected in a kind of omnisystem - wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, geothermal energy and hydrogen powered cars may fit into that new system as "last solution supply".


We're moving smoothly from future car concept to Smart Home solutions, which are also a question mark for us at the moment. Frankly my idea fit's Smart Home expected environment - as SH solutions will mean not only manage house electronics but also heat and energy management. In my opinion when that mistic Tesla batteries will hit the market there will be possible to build and offer Smart Home energy management systems. The house will be able to buy energy when it is cheaper (like in the night) and of course produce it using different methods (metioned above). In that multimodal energy production/storage hydrogen car can both produce and store energy or just store if there will be opportunity to produce it cheaper than from hydrogen.


Hi Pjagora, it takes 15' to reload this Porsche battery, I thought you'de like to know:

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