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Instalowanie kamery termowizyjnej we wnętrzu auta.

dla tego pomysłu dostępnych jest więcej szczegółów poznaj szczegóły pomysłu

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That's right! SMS to car driver as WARNING: SOMEBODY INSIDE! And, intruder prevention is another advantage of this idea :)

Maybe a connected sensor detecting movement might be cheaper than a camera?


Cool idea! could save lives... but sometimes you leave your kids or pet in the car on purpose because you make a quick jump to the bakery across the street or go to the press booth.
How would you have the tech make the difference between "on purpose" and "oups just forgot" ? Who should get noticed : you ? (imagine you fainted) someonelse ? (family, friends, - how would they locate your car then). People around the car ? (but remember you locked the door to prevent theft in it or prevent kids from escaping when you're away)...
Could you dig the idea a little more ?


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