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The "Timeshare" Car

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TY for this ideawhch resonates with the car-pooling service with driverless cars: http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-car/idea/show/1058
Do you imagine we will still own car, that there will be Uber services with driverless cars, or that cars will be owned by a third party and rented, like with City bike rental services or Autolib car sharing service? https://www.autolib.eu/en/


I think there are many different ways to put self-driving cars to use.

For instance, if the cars are cheap more people can afford them thus making the roads safer. But look at this as a lease. You lease the car, make the initial payment but the down payment could be managed if further rented out. Let's say you need to reach a monthly quote for the car to be "self-financed". As many people are using cars to and from work, this leaves about 8 hours for which the car could "work" for you!

I know Uber is in the works with driverless cars, turning them into taxis in the future. I think this would further frustrate the taxi drivers and effectively putting them out of business.

City bike rentals is also a concept I think is adaptable to self-driving cars.
But then I see the cars be more low-scale versions. Lightweight, plastic ones which are meant to be used. The subscription could be like 1-2-3 hours etc. per week for a certain amount of money.

There are so many different and exciting ways for self-driving cars to contribute on so many levels!


Brilliant! There is Ford trial right now with this concept 'You lease the car, make the initial payment but the down payment could be managed if further rented out'




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