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Serafim wspiera rolnictwo przez analitykę big data parametrów gleby i ochrony roślin przy użyciu czujników i dronów

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TY for sharing this idea, several startups are active on drones, sensors and data collection for agriculture:
http://www.weenat.com/, http://www.agrilyst.com/, https://www.climate.com/
http://www.airinov.fr/, http://www.mavrx.co/
http://www.itk.fr/, http://biopic.fr/
Picore http://www.irstea.fr/toutes-les-actualites/departement-ecotechnologies/innovation-connectee-reduction-phytosanitaires
How will you differentiate your service?


Hi! Thanks for sharing the links.

Different implementations lead to totally different results. I think that the software will make a huge difference. We are working on some prediction algorithms that will analyse the available data and make suggestions for the following agricultural seasons. Also, we are working with University teachers an agronomists in order to get closer to a product-solution fit product.


Software and data are the key enablers! Have a look at https://www.vitalfields.com/fr, http://gamaya.com/ and http://www.agrivi.com/ in this article http://tech.eu/features/5480/10-european-agritech-startups/


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