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Kickstarter via Mobilne Finanse

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Funding projects on Kickstarter with Orange Money makes perfect sense! I believe the cobranding would be benefical to both. And I think there are innovation opportunities in leveraging the mobile context of the funding community.


Very interesting idea !

Developing an API is defintely a must have if you want a lot of people to know and use your service.

Can we push the concept further ? I'm thinking of a geolocalized crowdfunding platform based on mobile money, a bit like this idea from Tyby : http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/952


I agree, this is an open door for all the kickstarter world including - geolocalized crowdfunding platform.
It could change the world of raising money platform all over the world,
Moving the "kickstarter" technology into the future, and if Orange will have their hands on that - they will just get benefits from it.
In my opinion kickstarter this great so far, but now combining my idea with Orange - can get even farther then that.


In my opinion kickstarter did great so far, but now combining my idea with Orange - can get even farther then where they have made so far.


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