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Model biznesowy współdzielenia samochodów - wspierany przez Mobilne Finanse i Key-less Ignition Technologies

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I see it as a great tool, for the customer, to see where he/she stands with the expenses and add a heads up notiffication, when getting closer to the planed expenses for renting a vehicle.


Thanks, Tyby, for your great support!
I think that your proposal regarding setting a balance limit is indeed very good in order to make the rental process well defined without unpleasant surprises from the customer's side.



You are totally right about this new business model to explore !

Do you know Drust ? http://drust.io/
It's a technology that could be usefull in the model you have shared !


Thanks for the reference. According to my understanding, the drust.io's system (AKOLYT) is mainly a car computer integrated device interconnects with the user's smartphone using Bluetooth protocol. It uses the engine's real time information to notify the user about driving habits optimizations. It does not cover the keyless ignition mechanism but it may help the car owner to save on his expenses while helping the renter to optimize his driving.


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