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Wahou, the mobile money theme really inspired you !

It is always difficult to tip when you don't have the right amount of coins in your pocket : should you give more? Take back some ?
It is the same for street musicians!

Your idea is really nice, because it relies on two secured and working technologies : QR Code and Mobile Money.
I don't really know if Mobile Money Flux are already taxable, but it is nice to think about it.

I can't find any examples of start-ups on that sector : the only ones available are about calculating the amount of tips


Thanks for the comment. Indeed, the topic is very interesting and has a great innovation potential.

I think that giving the fact that people tend to spend more when they are not using cash (i.e. credit card shopping, paypal account usage, etc.), it is probably good for the service providers to be tipped directly, using a "virtual money" payment method. If it is easier to the customers, then more money will ends in their pockets...

I've found a startup which tries to promote tipping using bitcoin and an app: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-tipping-app-cheers-musicians-paid/


Thanks for this feedback, I will have a look !

I think that you are right about how the payment methods influence the average sum spent. But unfortunetaly, I can't find any studies confirming this fact once for all.


Here are several references for the credit card spending habits vs. cash usage and the relationship to average sum spent:


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