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Moje wyzwanie - promocja sportu w oparciu o humanistyczną potrzebę konkurencji oraz pomoc firmom w promowaniu swojego wi

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TY for this idea, you might be interested by this app: https://jogg.in/ to create meetings or http://www.kappo.bike/ for social biking
Do you have examples of sport challenges set up by humanities?


I think there was a typo their I meant "humanity". The idea is to give a goal throw competition between the user and his friends or by businesses that want to promote their image and create running/cycling challenges at the end of which all or top x participants can receive some discounts or what ever the company offered as a reward.
There are many apps that have similar functionalities but I did not find one that had the business component or the humanitarian one.
As an example imagine Green Peace creating a cycling challenge around France to raise awareness over the global worming issue and people can use the app to donate to that cause.


Thank you dalbu for posting your idea, did you think of sharing it with your social network ?


No as I don't see any realistic advantage to share this idea via social network, its not like android programmers are free this days. What I need right now is resources for development and marketing, here is where Orange comes in.
Depending on the strategy of Orange Group this idea can make a pretty penny and bring great visibility to the company.


Interesting idea dalbu! May I suggest you have a look at following ideas which are joining yours ?


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