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Aplikacja Challenger - do tworzenia wyzwań sportowych, nagrywania filmów z wyzwaniami i wysyłania ich do znajomych

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TY for sharing this idea, would you explain a little more the user experience: one has to record his performance with video, and then share it?


Fantastic idea Aadhithya_., I just voted for you. May I suggest you have a look at related ideas :

Don’t hesitate to support them and to share it with your social network.


Congratulations on your first win on the platform!
One thing to consider would be- if you have 500 friends who take up the challenge, how do you pick a winner? Do you end up watching 500 videos, sitting with a stopwatch to compare how many pushups were done in, say, 1 minute of each video?


Thanks, no need to watch 500 videos. We will be using crowd sourcing to rank the winner as well. So when each user watch the video if the challenge is taken up correctly and it is authentic then it is marked as valid at the end of the video.
At the end we will be seeing around top 10 videos only.
For example:- If I claim that I have taken 70 pushups in a minute then the user after watching the video will evaluate it as authentic, if a threshold number of users mark it as authentic then only it is counted if I make false claims then it will not be counted and risk being thrown out of the community of the app.
I think this will make it a fair system. I have seen a similar approach taken at Guinness world records portal to evaluate submissions and filter out the best and genuine ones from the pool.

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