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Emerytowany asystent turystyczny dostępny online - do wynajęcia.

dla tego pomysłu dostępnych jest więcej szczegółów poznaj szczegóły pomysłu

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Very clever, TY for this idea! One shoudl imagine a web platform where you could connect to the senior guide, and launch their video. Live video would be a must but it brings a lot of constraints like avaibility. Recorded videos would be nice with the opportunity to share messages with the guide.
Furthermore one could imagine an hologram of the senior guide visiting with you the touristic place?


Of course, we can more develop the project with the emergence of new opportunities and technologies. Some ideas can be realized today.
By the way, I think that some elders have more to say, and have more humor than younger people working as tourist guides.
Thank you for your comment, IWO.


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