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TY Angler it's always a pleasure to discover ur ideas!
do you have any ideas about technology that can be use to filter negatives informations?
you can also read a similar idea from Imagine community about smart glasses like : http://imagine.orange.com/en/datavenuechallenge/idea/show/221
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looking forward reading you again !


1. To recognize unwanted content can be used for content analysis (both semantic and heuristic) and image analysis (semiological). Like some programs of the blocking porn content, digital algorithms capture unwanted content.
2. The implementation and dissemination of good practices at major publishers. Tagging issued videos, news articles, images based on content classified as objectionable.

Of course, word: "pink glasses" is just a metaphor.

Thanks, IWO, for your support and comment.


TY for being one of the most active contributor of IWO !
These technologies looks interesting, you should ask to your social community what they think about it and maybe they will add other parameter maybe about user experiences, UI, marketing... !


Ty for this virtual world of happinness. I like the idea of labelling content, and action a filter based on it. Could you simply apply this to our Facebook stream and Youtube recommendations? Could you leverage VR glasses?
What about laughter in real life?


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