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Mała/drobna praca dla seniorów- Praca jako zdalny nocny obserwator bezpośrednio ze smartphon'a/tabletu

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Hey there, this remote night watcher idea is great.
We do face recognition here at VisageCloud ( http://visageCloud.com ) so maybe we can help in case you need that sort of tech.

Also, we recommend that you consider issuing warnings to the watcher based on basic motion detection. Let me know if we can help bogdan@visagecloud.com


Très bonne idée de faire participer les seniors dont je fais parti.
Nous avons du temps, pour certains des compétences, pourquoi ne pas créer ce type de dispositif surtout par les temps qui courent.
Moi j'ai le matériel qu'il faut, je réponds présent à ce type d'offre.
A quand le démarrage ?


TY for sharing this idea!
A concrete application could be to have this kind of remote watch in our neighborhood, elder people taking care of the security of the children in the area?


Thanks for your comment.
The idea may be limited to local area security including children security, but as explain in the idea's details, it may be expanded to much more applications and even to secure sites abroad with different time zones - actually the time zone difference is the major strength of this idea, securing other region's night time during the watcher day time.


this is a wonderful tool to keep seniors occupied and to let them earn some money and to feel still productive and useful. i think many people that are not old also going to love this idea and can work in this job when they no work - even during time in toilet ;-)

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