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Zdalny opiekun-obserwator dla seniorów

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To alleviate privacy concerns you could add that
since the system randomly assigns who is seeing a senior at any given time, and hands over the task of watching to a new random watcher after every X minutes, the senior does not have to worry about any specific watcher learning too much about the senior's personal space and living conditions.


Thanks for your suggestion, I'll improve my idea using your comment.


TY for sharing this idea, when I first looked at the idea, I thought it was seniors who were watching certain areas through video camera, and who were empowered to give alert in cas of theft in an house, or problem on the street! You might want to post this one as well :)
Otherwise, for people watching if senior are safe, I assume the concept has to be tested with seniors: will they prefer an alarm service taht they control themsleves, a robot which can take of the probelem detection, or remote watcher into their home?


If you add onlien conversation, I believe it changes completely the feeling that the senior will have: it will be much more positively perceived as a daily check-in.


There are also services usings sensors which detected unusual inactivity, and send an alarm. Look at this talk from Jeremy Myerson - Directeur, Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design London https://youtu.be/bXmuSz33VMc via @YouTube

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