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Thank you, Angler for bringing this up.
I had been thinking about this aspect (fraud prevention, financial counseling) myself for the past 2 days. My thoughts:
1. If you read through some legal agreements, you will see that even non-lawyers like us, however intelligent, are overwhelmed by the long and verbose agreements. I do not think that it is an easy task to have a machine make sense of or scrutinize those agreements- they are way too confounding. So, how confident are you that an application can be so "smart"?
2. Your #2 is a text matching algorithm and therefore much easier to implement. I suggest you focus on that. Note, through, that this may require some laws to be passed to create and maintain that "special register" you mentioned. That means, laws being debated and passed in each country. Can you tell us about how things are in your country?

Thanks, and good luck!


Thanks, Sarkar.
I know that the application can not be perfect. But the world goes forward. At the start you need if the application detects the typical bad phrases and alerts.
Poland has a Register of Abusive Clauses. Many people do not even know. Is relatively low legal knowledge in people, not just the elderly.
This register is not always enough. Many clauses in the contracts is simply indecent.


TY for sharing, and spotting this problem. I guess one could build an attractive service on this basis, an insurance against fraudulent contracts, that would leverage the 2 features of your platform!


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