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I am sorry if the submission is rather "dry" to read. I originally composed a more engaging piece, but when I hit submit the Orange site timed out and asked for a password...and it lost all that I had composed. I was logged into the Orange site for just 1-2 hours when this time-out occurred, so I suggest that Orange needs to make some improvements to the site (and not pinch pennies on UX or hosting).


Sorry about the time out, we assume ideas arre short and quick to register :)
Ty for suggestting many solutions: you recorde them as different ideas, that would help to others to capture the idea, comment, nad vote for it!
I've seen some experiment on connected floor last year, detecting failure: Tarkett Floor In Motion Care. http://www.floorinmotion.com/en/content/solution


In other words, what would be your focus between the 4 solutions?


Thank you. Focus depends on the sponsor and the market. You are planning to crowdfund in France, or in Indonesia? :-)
More affluent customers can bankroll the individual footwear (like the www.b-shoe.com) and they can also afford home improvisation and monitoring services. I think they would be a better market for initial penetration, since the R&D knowhow from that venture can later be transferred to diagnostic mats and footwear options for poorer markets.
I did not wish to split up the solutions, as I prefer a bigger, broader idea (showing the breadth of possibilities, the wider perspective) instead of many narrower ideas.


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