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Tanie urządzenie VR dla wirtualnej klawiatury

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TY for sharing, very original idea! How can you form words with your eyes? I thought that the Google cardboard were reading only, I did not know it was interactive...


Very innovative idea, I must say never imagined how google cardboard can help people with complete disability of body and how far this idea can go.


Hi, Sandeep. The keyboard concept you are mentioning would be considered a brain computer interface (BCI). Controlling keyboard input via eye tracking and EEG waves (electrodes on skin, as in Neurosky) has been of particular interest for patients, but it does require some very dedicated training.
#1. How would one ensure that competent training is made available to the elderly?
#2. How might putting on virtual glasses interfere with their sense of space and balance (which are already dulled in aging)?
Just some thoughts to ponder. Good luck!


I truly support this idea, a feasible and achievable one. All tools(hardware and software) to build this product are available in the market, just have to integrate into a one package. If made a product out of it, it'll be a great help for the society for sure.

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