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TY for sharing, could you be more specific by sharing to the technology you're refering to?


The idea is based to use a structure of the display on the basis of the bars formed from graphene (e.g.)
One vertical rod that is one pixel. The display resolution due to the thickness of the bars used.
The rods vertically move out of and slide through control using electromagnetic field. The system of rods at a time creates a special membrane relief pattern which can be "read" fingers. Additionally, each of the rods is stimulated current to produce a suitable temperature respective rods.
The application analyzes the flat image and generates a system: the rod protruding level and temperature. In this way a blind man gets two stimuli: convexity, and color. Relief, which additionally has a different temperature in various locations depends on the color at this point.
Today it is a vision, but tomorrow it will be possible.

Ten Reading Apps for NMO and the Blind


Textured pixels is an interesting concept. I think that the final choice of technology will result from the experiments performed.
Certainly, blind people have an increased sensitivity of the fingers.

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