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First a big thank you! With 320 ideas shared in 6 weeksyou have given life to the Imagine With Orange platform with remarkable creativity, and by your trades show how a community can shape innovation.

The next theme of inspiration will be upFeel free to send your suggestions about this and continue to interact on the theme of Connected Family: the contest is open until 15 December.

Now, congratulations to the winners of the challenge Datavenue, objects connectedYbossouJguyonMarie_MillaireMorganeGeffroyVincent_RouaultLexiHelzapoppinsDesprezSylviane, Joyce, RexandshrekZuckerpvodo.

They won a Bloc and an invitation to Paris to attend the event Daring France.

Audience Award

Three ideas were selected through the vote of Internet users.

idea # 1 (82 votes): Binders connected to our childrenweight alertsecurity, content management (Ybossou) >> Connected Schoolbag

idea # 2 (78 votes): The e-health shows (biometrics, activity, UV, pollution ...) solar and kinetic energy (Jguyon) >> Health Connected Watch

idea # 3 (65 votes): The smart card visit: contact your partners anywhere and you never lose any of your contacts (Marie_Millaire) >> Smart Business Card

Awards from the Jury

Meanwhile, 320 ideas have been classified and 10 themes emerged: facilitate the cooking and shoppingdrive home, reinvent everyday objectsconnecting the family, move, travelbetter citiesmy fitness, shopping, welfare to work.

10 ideas were selected by a jury composed by thematic partners Datavenue:

     Well be at home, cooking and friendliness, domestic companions

  Theme 1: Facilitate cooking and shopping

1. A connected / scan for fridge object that can detect the inputs and outputs of products, coupled with an app. (MorganeGeffroy) 

Jury Comments: Beware 4/5 objects of this type existit is interesting to take into account not only the shelves and the fridge and watch the video of the connected home in Lille illustrate the idea. An axis to rework the idea isI know all the ingredients that I have (shelf, fridge or zappingand daily access to ideas quick and simple recipes, which also take into account the equipment I have and that will save me time. I can connect to the network every night "live chat" people who cook for advice if needed or even find ingredients that I miss from my neighbors.

Theme 2: Leading home

2. Water intelligently my garden (sprinkler) based alerts moisture sensors and weather forecast (Vincent_Rouault) 

Jury Comments: originality is the weather forecastParrot is Flower Powersystem in agriculture would provide a massive deploymentthe oidée is to connect two devices communicatingsprinkler and stationnot to create a third, and they exchange their data; Netatmo reflected aboveAgri Spirit agriculture Bordeaux startups traville on this domain

Theme 3: Reinventing everyday objects

3. A connected mirror that advise you on your outfits by offering associations with your wardrobe (Lexi) 

Jury Commentswe are not in a fitting diagram type, it is a recommendation engineto connect with the Eticket summary of everything we boughtassuarnt archiving storage purchases

Theme 4: Connect Family

4. An app that manages the stock of drugs in the family pharmacy y / c the expiry dates y / c prescription (helzapoppins)

Jury Commentsa real utility in the medicine cabinetan object to be coupled with that scans food, a potential reduction in the cost of social security

     Transport, Energy City "

Theme 5: Move

5. Getting out of that train or planethis app allows me to share my car or take a taxi with other travelers (DESPREZ)

Jury Comments: A real-time Blablacarcarpooling, but with people with whom we traveled

Theme 6: Voyager

6. Allow users trains to identify place that they pass through a panel (or tablet) installed in cars (Joyce)

Jury Commentstourist information, history of the places you pass through not only the names of stationsCan be done via a tablet that locates where it is, add qr codes to download and read books (experiment in progress)

Theme # 7Better Living City

7. TopSpot: thanks to the displacement data, I determine the best places to set up an information panel (Rexandshrek)

     My health

Theme 8: Quantifiedself, health, personal

8. A strap connected to home or place of work and a third warning in case of vital distress (pvodo) 

Jury Commentsis also useful when doing sports, which in a remote location; one can think of a function / servive distress that could add to any braceletanti avalanche


Theme 8: shopping, restaurants

9. The faster and more fun shopping and pay with their smartphone by scanning (Sylviane) 

Jury Commentsavailable with a zapper at Carrefour, purchases on the phone, facilitates the management of inputs and outputs allows to chain services connected to the mirror, etc ...

     Welfare to work, assistance

10. Take care of yourself working with Keepcool : too stressed / tense, sitting badlytoo sedentaryKeepCool is for you(Zucker)

Jury Comments: What form for the object? A bracelet but he will not know how you sit, belt sensor corrects the posteureto combine with the profesional badge?