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Great idea! In the same domain as these networking and coaching ideas http://imagine.orange.com/en/women-men-equality/idea/show/1127
But the angle of crossing generations, classes, and bridging offline and online business is very accurate!


Thank you for your reply @ImagineWithOrange. Yes, in deed our idea emphasies on crossing generations and bridging new generation and older generation commerce. The platform will work such that learning is initiated and facilitated by the community. Older generation women can contribute by media they are used to - SMS, USSD, IVR and younger generation women, by apps and web which they are more accostomed to. Communities will be organised by themes examples include but are not limited to: Restaurant business, Fashion and Fabric trading, Education (running a school), Food stuff trading, Import and Export business, Professional white collar jobs, etc. We believe a platform that is inclusive, brings together communities of African women at home and in diaspora will be an immense addition to the growing number of existing women networking platforms - even the ones mentioned here on this site.


I think this is a great idea capable of filling a long sitting void by bridging the gap to help more women get empowered economically. It is practically impossible to achieve food security, poverty alleviation, child education , universal health care and other development goals without empowering women in Africa. This platform has the potential to make that happen. Nevertheless, I see a need for capacity development for women (especially rural ones, illiterate and semi-illiterate) to be able to accept this and integrate it as a new culture.


Thank you for your support and feedback, Abiodun. While we acknowledge the need for capacity development among certain social classes, we reckon that no class has a monopoly on useful knowledge and indeed technical know-how on running businesses. The aim here is to draw upon the deep tacit and mostly undocumented knowledge that so-called unschooled women possess and daily apply to run their businesses - and many of them very successfully too. In Nigeria and Cameroon for instance, the driving force behind the textile, retail, and food industry for instance are unschooled women. A platform as this would encourage these women to share their experiences running long standing businesses, put them in contact with younger generation of women eager to learn and share their experiences as well. Ultimately, we expect that this interaction will encourage more women - including the unschooled (older and younger generation) to seek out capacity/learning development opportunities.


Good idea. Has my full support. One thing to consider though, empowering the women and encouraging adoption. The initial part of the product/platform adoption should include a training and sensitizing session to keep all potential women users abreast of how to use the platform and the conveying mobile devices as the case may be.

Asides the knowledge management value of the platform, there should also be an extra motivating factor for the women. Perhaps a small e-commerce section for them to advertise their goods or perhaps obtain market intelligence on their field. Other adjoining ideas can also be incorporated for the same purpose.

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