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Smart Car : Sur le chemin du travail, sur le chemin de la maison, en voyage de travail

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Ah, ah, funny story, what is a dream or a nightmare? A lot of peopel have their cars inside thir home, within the garage, an maybe they've named their car! It reminds me of Clint Eastwood and his Gran Torino car

I really like the idea of a connected car and home. This could be used to create a seamless journey for the driver and passenger. For example, 20 minutes before the driver comes home the heating could be turned on in the house. If the postman delivers a parcel, the driver gets an alert. And so on.

For first timers is a dream, for the unlucky ones is a dream become nightmare,


It could really revolutionize communications while driving. If you can focus on the road while still being in contact with loved ones...


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