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Mode "fin d'embouteillages» pour les voitures connectées dans les villes

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Thanks for your idea ! The 4 problems caused by traffic jams are really clear and your idea of an operating mode to quit those is really great :D

I suggest you to go read some other ideas about ending traffic jams:


Yes connecting the car with traffic info to automatically adapt speed for a 'smooth mode and autonomous driving' is attractive. I assume this would an embedded feature of autonomous cars!
In addition to ideas spotted by ImaginewithOrange4, you can look at this channeling traffic idea:
Actually, each car should have to select a different 'automatic smooth mode' and specific path, according to its final destination, shouldn't it?


YES! :) Initially I thought of it as a solution for "all-lines-one-direction" situation (e.g. no exit lines), but in the long-run it could work for all situations and road conditions. The additional step would require gps navigation system with detailed outline of road characteristic (which is already in place) and use this for route optimization as well. The "mode" engine would be the same (so it could optimize each route) for all cars, but the starting and exit points would differ. Thanks for great insight!


You're welcome!


Można by do tego trybu upłynniania ruchu dodać funkcję ustawiania na odpowiednim pasie - system widząc "zadaną trasę" ustawia np. wszystkie samochody, które jadą prosto - na pas lewy pas a samochody, które jadą w prawo np. na skrajny prawy - tak by nie było tzw. zajeżdżania.


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