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Accélérer avec (Early) Childhood Education. Programme ACE un QR Code, une histoire

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How deliver smartphones for kids from low-income families?


Thanks for your question.
There are two items needed:
1. sticker with code - these are distributed to families through local NGOs, social workers, or even the shops where people usually load up the cash balances on their mobile phone accounts.
2. the phone with camera and ability to run a *basic* QR code recognition app. Most families already have phones. Those that do not have capable phones, can get donated phones through the NGO, social worker networks, etc I mentioned previously. The app can be loaded by the same NGOs, even the shops that already help people top up the cash balances on phones.


Ok but I'm affraid poor families can have a problem with buying phones.


I've visited really poor parts of the world and found people using mobile phones.


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