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Fastpass avec la Mobile Money

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Fastpass is a great benefit.
One step is to enable mobile money payment for all ticketing services such as Ticketmaster: With a mobile money API, any ticketing app could easily add the Mobile Money Button on its user interface.
Another step is to build a multiticketing app. Do you know Trimet?
TriMet Tickets app lets you purchase and use tickets and passes instantly on your phone—anywhere, anytime.
Is it worthwhile?
Here's a ranking of ticketing apps:


Many thanks for the interesting information!
Yes it is worthwhile, and once the app or the API will be ready, it will have a big impact on the course of history - non less.
People will do everything via their Mobile money - which will also allow places to move easily into the future of digital transactions.
Helping Orange to shape the future of digital transactions.


Great idea that helps the customers to better manage their queue waiting time.
I would add a location detection mechanism in order to limit the distance between the customer and the attraction he would like to enlist to. This may reduce unwanted cases such as a customer who enlist to a fastpass queue while being home or on another amusement park near by.


Hello !

Having an app for all your ticket is very convenient (and extra-features as connection with agenda is well thought)

But if you can buy your ticket while queueing, it is possible that everybody does it : then the fastpass is less usefull..

We had other ideas about amusement during the last campaign, like this one :
Have a look !


Hello, Thank you!
Well think about it this way, if there will be no lines for buying tickets - then the park can open more entrances to their parks, and people could use it, also the fastpass is the ticket to the park so you shouldn't care if others has it as well.
This idea is different then idea 712, it's not used for rides - only for entering the park(and all the places that you need to buy ticket to enter them).

But parks are just a small example, people could get inside the cinema without picking their tickets - just scan their mobile at the entrance and done.
It will create a world with no lines - and a digital world with no waste of papers as well ,
When you have all your tickets in one app it also helps you not to use multiple apps when you can use only one smart app for it - and pay for your tickets as well.
What do you think?


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