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Donaire - donner de petits dons pour les personnes sans-abri, sur un catalogue de produits spécifiques

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How will the homeless get to spend the money?
Do they receive a smartphone? A credit card? or maybe a prepaid card?


This could be nicely cconnected to this idea which is now an app named HPS:


It reminds me also of Afrimarket, market leader in money transfer for cash-to-goods, supported by Orange Fab and Orange Ventures, and bundled with Orange Money:
One might imagine Donair cash-to-goods for homeless bundled with Orange Money?


So the pendant would be some kin of bluetooth/RFID or Beacon chip that homeless people would have to wear at all time ?

We had several ideas about it on Imagine, and a few start-up are trying to solve the issue you are adressing : is an example !


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