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Feu vert pour les personnes âgées - une balise intelligentes NFC pour étendre le feu vert lors du passage du piéton

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TY for sharing this idea, a specific NFC tag to prolongate the green light for pedestrians for a one minute would be very nice!
There are some traffic lights adapted for disabled people in India:


I thank for pleasing words


Often, traffic lights in one intersection are co-ordinated with other nearby intersections. In the future with more and more elderly people on the city streets, I am not sure if you will want extra minutes added on at more and more intersections, and also deal with their ripple effects on traffic flow at nearby intersections. I still think your idea has the seed of something important - how to make crossing roads easier and safer for the elderly.
What if the NFC tag could sound a "senior here, needs help crossing" alert so that other people crossing the intersection would walk alongside the senior person.


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