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Des lunettes infra rouge avec gélocalisation pour les aveugles

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TY for sharing, there are some glasses to help blind people to see better:
Regarding IR, once it detects an obstacle or hurdle, what would kind of information it transmit, and how would it be translated in normal language to the blind person?


Smart glasses prototype with camera for blind people:


IR will help the person to translate the patterns or obstacles on their way. They can calculate the distance, height, depth, temperature etc. All this information can be converted into speech. e.g. If there is some obstacle, it can calculate the distance and inform the person wearing the goggle. Similarly, certain common patterns like stairs can be made to memorize and as soon as IR detects stairs, it informs about stairs. (You would be aware of the thermometer which measure temperature from a distance using IR). The objective is to give freedom to his hands also so that he can use the hands in case he falls. Moreover the cost of the technology is not much.
LBS will give the directions about the path and the person's location can also be geo-tagged.

The bionic eye requires a surgery and is good for only some type of visually impaired persons.
The other solution also seems to be little expensive.


Very accurate, have you the possibility to test how IR information converted into speech can be processed by blind people, and check whether they are confortable with it?


Not at present. But IR definitely enables the person even in low light conditions unlike normal camera. I will try to get the information and share.


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