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Un outil pour surveiller l'impact quotidien de voitures personnelles et le diminuer avec du covoiturage

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Fantastic idea. I'd like to see a smart tag on the dashboard showing with a color how eco-performant the car is and inviting other cars to do the same!


Good idea! You can also imagine a kind of gamification, playing and sharing colors among the community


TY for sharing, many ideas were expressed on carsharing, and many start-ups offer carsharing for commuting (see below), but linking CO2 emission rate with carsharing propsals is quite new!
I assume you would use big data to analyze frequent short trips, and suggest corresponding carsharing solutions?
It would be wise also to have companies taking into account employees locations when setting-up a new building!


Yes, big data would play a big role in analyzing profiles of drivers and matching them with request for rides. Compared with exiting solutions you mentioned, here the idea would be to make it completely automatic for the users, avoiding the need to fulfill any form

répondre - During its current stretch of terrible pollution, a single fare gets you a full day of unlimited travel.
I see this solution as a very good tool for the mapping out locations where is need of lines of public transport (electric bus, trams, trolleybus) and just like in Milan in different areas the public transport can be cheaper than in others.

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