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Projet Savannah - donner pour des arbres en cadeau à une naissance, un mariage, un enterrement

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I love this idea. Too many people give flowers which wilt and die. This gift is long lasting and meaningful. The people could be told the coordinates of the plants on Google Maps so they can see their forest.


Evening Krushton, seeing and feeling the forest grow is a big part of the project centerpiece.


this is a great idea, thanks for sharing :)

Some initiatives may inspire your project, go take a look :


TY tyby82 for sharing the first idea of the challenge!
There is this association in France: give one euro and plant a tree which should intrest you, it cover Romania


Thank You for the link, the big percentage of existing projects are about planting in a region, donating money, they are not necessary about creating an environment meant to help endangered species . As i was discussing with an ecologist, he was stating, that for creating an environment is neeeded more than just planting some trees and this is what this idea is mostly about.

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