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City365 es una aplicación basada en mapas móviles que le informa sobre todas las ofertas y descuentos disponibles en la

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How is this different than: ?
Is the number of likes the only difference?


@Josh almost any feature you can think of is included somewhere in some app. It's not all about the unique features that the humanity didn't think until now. It's more important the need that you respond, the user experience ,user interface and the market you are focused on. It's also important the technology you use, how fast and smooth the app works, how much trafic data it consumes, how it affects the battery. As you can see there are a lot of key factors that make an app a success one or a fail one. We studied the market here in Romania and the needs of the local community and they want an app like this. As for the Living Shopper app, we target different categories of people so from the start we are talking about 2 different things.

Besides that, we are in the biggest startup accelerator from Romania and Nicolas Bry from ORANGE added our idea on the short list of the most appropriate ideas for Smart City - Imagine with Orange so we just uploaded our idea here as well. And even if there would be an app that would do exactly the same thing as ours we wouldn't care. We know our costumers and we have access to the latest technology. ;)

@Josh as ai said is not identical. Please try to see the differences. We didn't search on this site to see what ideas were in the past and we'll never do that because we just don't care. We know the need we respond and whose need it is. That's the reason our idea is 20 times more appreciated. You may think about it.


Here are some main differences:
1. it's a 'go to' app so when you want to hang out, eat, drink, party, etc somewhere you use the app so it's NOT a shopping app;)
2. it's a map-based application
3. uses a localization system so the user can be notified in real time about all the discounts around him at a predetermined distance. (For example you walk on a street and you are notified "There is 30% discount at restaurant A. if you come now" )
4. uses a GPS system. So in case you like the offer but you don't know where the location is, every notification will have a 'take me there' button.
5. and one of the major differences is the navigation system. It's a system that works offline so you don't need internet connection to render the map and route to the wanted location.

These are just some differences. If you want i can continue but i don't think it's the case. And yeah, another differences is the number of likes ;)
Have a nice day


But there already is an app identical to this one on the site and it didn't get 5% of your number of likes. Therefore, your number of likes, could maybe represent a bigger exposure on social sites/marketing sites, but not a better idea.

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