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campaign closed permite a la gente a donar dinero solo por hacer sus compras regulares y no pagar más.

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Hello Radhoo, and thanks for posting :)

An online affiliation platform for social good is a wonderful idea !
Do you have a lot of partnership with online stores for now ?


I am using a third party that brings together online stores and projects like mine. They have over 300 stores we can use. At this moment only 16 stores are available on our website (from categories like Books, IT, Clothes, HomeDeco, Children toys, Pharma). We want to extend this number to cover most of the product categories people usually buy online.


There is this idea of using a % of Orange subscriptions for donation
Why not trying to affiliate new customers brought to Orange through your BuyAndHelp platform?


Something a bit similar reminds me of your project : Microdon, a french start-up that collects the différence between the money you owe and the next euro (example : if you need to pay 12,43€, the start-up offers you to pay 13€, and the additional 57 cents goes to a charity)


Hmm, that is nice. The big difference is that we help our users donate without paying more. More than this, a commission for a $100 pair of shoes would be ~5-10%. So people will donate larger sums of money :). So it's a win-win situation.


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