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La detección en tiempo real de las crisis epilépticas sintonizados en cada paciente utilizando tecnología portátil

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This looks like a new feature for the e-health watch:
The key will be to succeed in embbeding the epilepsy app in the ecosystem of people subjects to this disease: what would be your way to market? Once the crisis is anticipated, how do you treat it? Is an alerting product to the caregiver?
Besides, how do you connect epilepsy mastering with smartcity? A safer city? Less medical expenses linked to epileptic attacks?


Yes. Our product will alert in real-time a caregiver (or more) if a person is suffering from a seizure.
Every patient will have an account on a server where his/her activity is saved. We are thinking of asking money for a subscription (like 15-20 euros per year).
In a growing city, the level of stress is higher and higher. We want to diminish this level by offering trust and safety to people. Caregivers and people suffering from epilepsy may put their trust in our product.


Alos look at


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