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Waldo es un sistema de alarma inteligente para los ciclistas urbanos que lo mantiene conectado con su bicicleta en cualq

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Nice idea !

Smart city is also about biking, for less traffic jams and less pollution.

Is waldo already available ? How did you manage to fix it on your bike?


We are working on our prototype, having already developed a Raspberry Pi prototype.
We are trying different locking mechanisms, most probably the device will be locked on the vertical bar, part of the frame, but the locking mechanism will be triggered electronically, so the user can lock/unlock the device using his or her phone. This, combined with the strong metal alloy that the case is made of, will make our device hard to take off by someone unauthorized.


There are severalideas about connecting bikes, to analyze the ride, and geolocate them:

And also a start-up Nigiloc which promotes an anti-thief system:

There is a trend, and there is competition. So execution of your idea will be key to differentiate!


Thank you, the links are very helpful.
We are aware of our competition and we focus on the prevention part of the problem - that is why the device is not hidden and that is why we use a loud sound alarm.


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