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<< Inteligente Cocina >> La cocina que ordena automáticamente artículos para el hogar que están a punto de s

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And one can make this as configurable so that it will automatically buy the products from some online store(if applicable). So will remove headache of even going to market and buy products.


Or you select a recipe online, and by one click, your fridge adds up the items you need to your shopping list !

We had a lot of ideas about smart kitchen on Imagine with Orange : you can see them below if you want inspiration. :)


Connected fridge, dedicated device like Amazon dash or Hiku, or scanning phone? We're on the verge of the connected kitchen on this video demo:

Alos this idea:


Yes, but I would like to have connected utensils too, smart kettle, smart heaters(which have a connection to my bathroom for hot water supply) etc.


Evian has tested automatic reorder for water bottles with a device magnet:

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