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Juego móvil multijugador que sólo se puede reproducir en las zonas de espera públicas.

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And after, once the bus has arrived, you can meet with the people you have played with during the ride!


exactly it's a social boost .. you may make friends out of it ... and actually even before the bus arrives .. people will be able to see the reactions on the players faces


Fun, great idea ! Could be coupled with Lamprojo :
Lamprojo would be used to project the video game, either on a building or on the ground


That's what I wanted to say !

I really think this is a great idea, it reminds me of the Pong game you can play at trafic lights

It could be a cool way to offer infotainment to Orange customers !


I always like a clear constraint in the ,gameplay, like in Snapchat or the limitation to 7 people in Pengin

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