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Grocery en el GO; la idea principal es hacer una solución innovadora para eliminar colas cajero.

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Wowo, it really is a brand new customer experience !

To eliminate queues, some French companies also investigated these solutions. It is called self scanning. Not as efficient as your solution, but quite cost effective. What do you think of it ?

Electronic receipts are a real trend on Imagine:


I think when it comes to calculating costs, despite the fact that eliminating queues will have indirect profit by encouraging people to do more shopping + it maybe for elite customers who would like to pay extra money for this especial gate so not to waste their time! Not to forget that scanning items on cashier requires time "which is factor of number of purchased items" versus this solution which is totally independent on number of items :)


The key benefit is actually to read all tag in one reader action: is there already such a device in place?

As mentioned ImagineWithOrange3, retail is testing self-scanning solution: so when you reach the checkout, all items are already scanned.
But it seems the customer experience is not so easy. Scanning can generate mistakes, and you have then to count all items again. :(

There are also other enriched experiences tested in retail:


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