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Inteligentes Street Signs

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Could also be useful for alerting:


Need to be syncronize with Tomtom, Googlemap and other driving assitant. Otherwise the itinary that would be proposed while you re driving might not be possible. Same thing while planning the duration of my travel
Another problem is about assurance. What if a sign has 2 values : go right / go left. The sign is this time displaying "turn left" but I choose the go right. When arrested I said to the cops "Oh but it was displaying turn right, must be a bug".

This Idea I think is a must be used for city but, to start, only for informational use, after for traffic signalisation, red lights...


Thank you for the feedback @PatrickL.

If the idea will be installed in a city, then the info about the new directions will be available to the public as API and can be used by TomTom and GoogleMap to override the static existing streets. It could be a similar mechanism used every day by cities where there are "Limited traffic zone" that are open/close at specific hours/days/events, or when the navigators are informed about public works on the street and prepare a new route.

For the second problem, it's the same as on the highways when they warn you to go at max X speed or to take the left/right lane. The street signals, also if they are digital, have the same value of the legacy one. Moreover, because they are exposing their value to public API, with some logs internally it will be very easy to demonstrate their reliability.


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